Welcome to the California State Student Association’s (CSSA) website on the California State University’s 2017-18 proposed possible tuition increase. CSSA serves as the official voice of the nearly half a million CSU students on all 23 campuses across the state. This website aims to provide information and updates about the proposed systemwide tuition increase and our advocacy efforts to prevent it.

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The CSU Proposal

The tuition proposal from California State University (CSU) Office of the Chancellor outlines a scenario whereby if the CSU is not fully funded by the State of California, tuition may increase and student services may be negatively impacted. The full proposal is public and can be found by clicking the button in this section.

CSU Proposal

The State’s Obligation

The State of California has a budget obligation to support the California State University (CSU) system and other public higher education institutions (like those in the University of California and California Community College systems). Over the course of the last 60 years, the state has steadily disinvested in the CSU, causing tuition to increase significantly more than the standard rate of inflation.

CSSA’s campaign is committed to a budget advocacy plan that has the state reaffirm, financially, its commitment to California students and public higher education.

More about the State’s Obligation coming soon

CSSA Advocacy

The California State Student Association is dedicated to protecting the collective interests of CSU students through focused advocacy campaigns. Through social media and other platforms, we will share student stories and research that capture the social and economic challenges facing students as they try to achieve their CSU degree.

Your Story

Help us share your story! Tell us how a tuition increase would affect your life, as a student at a California State University. Click the link below to share today!

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